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Investor’s benefits

Real Estate Owners, Coliving Investors, Built to Rent Investors, Protech Venture Capital, Smart Capital, Disruptive Real Estate Accelerators, Investment Funds, Family office…

Sense Living Values

Real Estate

“Sense Living creates unique living experiences for its tenants so they build a sense of belonging to our community, creating a need to share long-term social and professional interests (resulting in longer stays)”.

  • We offer a solid revenue stream guaranteeing a minimum occupancy thanks to:
    • Corporative deals with companies and agencies.
    • Commercial deals with suppliers.
  • Our comprehensive market research and expertise in digital marketing channels, help us find the right tenants for your building, with an interest in these living spaces.
  • Thanks to our Protech service platform and commercial efforts, the interest in using a wide-range of personalised services is recurrent. This represents an additional revenue stream for the investor than traditional residential real estate business.

    “Investors can benefit from the latest cutting edge proptech innovations that we deliver through our service platform (Sense app) and get insights about what´s going on in their buildings”.

    • Innovation is perceived in the flexible use of the building and common spaces, the service automated platform and the IOT integration (maximising square meters profitability). Tenants could access the Sense App to connect with their home, their community and the city.
    • We will invest in a sustainable and community model: flexible, resilient, sustainable and modular spaces to create different environments.
    • There is a big interest in getting the WELL™ Certificate that focuses on 7 wellness concepts inherent to Sense Living. Each is divided into features aimed at maximising tenant’s health and well-being.

    “Sense Living is an alternative accommodation model with a multichannel management that mixes Built to Rent, Coliving and Real Estate as a Service concepts”.                                            

    • These spaces are a counter-cyclical investment, a safe haven value for the investor. Profitability is not only achieved by €/m2 but also by €/service. We will offer investors and/or property owners a higher exit profitability than in traditional residential business.
    • There are few competitors in Spain. It is a good moment for growth and retaining market share.

    “Sense Living Spaces professionalises building rental apartments integrated with a wide-range of personalised services”.

    • Service suppliers are connected with our tenants that are looking for home delivery services on a regular basis as well as meaningful experiences to enjoy the city, creating a circular economy with exponential benefits for the investor.
    • Our know-how and data can be scaled and extended to other Built to Rent buildings.
    • We offer a transparent, resilient and flexible management model with monthly insights to investors on the building use and services’ behaviour.
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